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Carole A. Chasin, MFT

Psychotherapist Beverly Hills, CA

You may be wondering or thinking about......

  • How can I be a successful professional and have a thriving, loving relationship, too?
  • Where did our intimacy and fun go?
  • You don't feel heard.
  • We don't talk anymore.
  • We don't make love very often. 
  • I think I'm ready for a serious relationship. 
  • I think I'm afraid of a serious relationship and don't know why. 

Beverly Hills couples counselingIf you resonate with any of these questions, related questions or experiences above, rest assured these are common and normal. At this point, you are very likely feeling ready to begin exploring and understanding yourself through counseling to get answers, create change and have the relationship you desire and deserve.

If you're looking for a new relationship or wanting to improve the one you're in, it's time to invest in yourself, your relationship, and your future by getting help now..

Relationship problems are often signals that partners need to build new skills to create satisfying, loving, affectionate, trusting and secure relationships.

Problems such as:
  • Arguing and Conflicts
  • Avoidance or Withdrawal
  • Lack of Passion or Sex
  • Poor Communication
  • Anger and Frustrations

Even partners or couples who fight a lot can have highly successful marriages. They have learned how to regulate a conflict when it threatens to get out of control.

Communication skills are extremely valuable tools that can be learned with the aid of an objective and skilled Marriage Counselor to help you navigate through the old patterns and styles and develop a more loving, happy and satisfying connection with each other.

You deserve someone to love and who will return their love to you.

Isn't it time to discover how you can be getting the love you want?

I invite you to let me show you how to create the kind of relationship that can include:

  • Safety and Security
  • Closeness and Comfort
  • Friendship
  • Fighting Fair and Finding Compromise
  • Passion
  • Fun and Laughter

As a marriage and family therapist and relationship expert in Beverly Hills, I help smart, successful people learn to recognize and find a loving partner and have the relationship they want and be able to translate their career success into relationship success.

Are you ready to go from dating to marriage? Do you want to learn how to conquer any obstacle together? Then, pre-marital counseling can guide you into a loving, lasting and fulfilling marriage.

I bring many years of clinical and personal experience to provide individual therapy and couples counseling within a safe, supportive, caring environment and can help you find solutions to your concerns and make life easier and more fulfilling.

If you would like to discover how you can find the love you deserve, I would love to hear from you.

That's right, you can now call to set up a "complimentary" 20-minute phone consultation. I believe choosing a therapist is a very important and personal decision. I welcome the opportunity to talk to you, answer your questions and assist you in making that decision.

You can contact me for your phone consultation or to make an appointment at: 

(310) 289-4643
Take Good Care...You're Not Alone...